Macarons – First Try


First attempt at macarons with The Boy!  We didn’t want to add food coloring, but it’s lemon flavored.   It tastes good, just looks funny cuz he piped them weird.   =]  The recipe we used is here.

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Serging Adventures

It works!  We’re going to be using this a lot.   Hehe.


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A Wash and Block

I washed my socks recently.  Methinks I need some more socks this year!


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Scary, scary

You know what scares me?

Yeah, that’s a hole.  I thought it was more than one strand, but thankfully it was only one. 


All fixed!  Had me quite worried for awhile.

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Yarn Bombing at Kensington-Normal Heights Library

Yesterday, the Boy and I were in San Diego.  His jobs tend to include a lot of traveling, and I usually go if I’m not busy/he asks me to go.  Just because it’s fun and different from spending time at our homes and it’s exploring.  I generally hate spontaneity, but when it’s with him, it’s a bit more okay.

So after he finished his job, he decided to ask one of his friends to lunch.  (By the way, Lit’l Pepper has delicious sandwiches.)  Somehow the conversation turned to knitting and crocheting (the Boy likes to do that to me) and his friend recalled a yarn bombing at a nearby library.  The Boy asked me if I wanted to go check it out, and I said yes.

Kensington-Normal Heights Library a really cute old library with a playground.  We had a ton of fun there.
imageThe Boy is learning to tell if a fabric is knit or crochet.

imageApparently he decides by whether the fabric is not pretty (messy, ugly colors) or not.  He likes knitted fabric much better.

imageStill, he’s usually right, even if the criteria is wrong.  We’re working on the criteria part.

imageWe went inside and I made him read one of my favorite children’s stories.  Suffice it to say, I’m glad he makes me laugh because he’s so ridiculous, but it’s really hard to be quiet while laughing in a library.

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Cooking with the Boy

Goodness, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  The whole month of September was so busy for me, I didn’t have much time to knit.  October should be better.

I really want to share with you what I’ve been up to, though it’s not exactly crafty, it does go along with my passion of making things.  The Boy’s mom has been in Taiwan for the last 2 weeks and before she left, she put us in charge of her garden. It’s been a blast taking care of it with the Boy but we definitely needed to use the produce.

imageSo we’ve been trying to cook, despite the fact neither of us cooks much at home.  Our parents usually cook for us.  It was nice to know we could go to my house to eat if our cooking failed.  Haha.

Anyway, on Saturday, since we had a ton of tomatoes, we decided to make tomato sauce with noodles.  The Boy cut up a big tomato and maybe 7 small ones.  Then he added a bit of wine, because that’s what some of the recipes called for.  He just eyeballed it.

imageSince it would take awhile for it to turn to mush, he played his game while I read my book and checked on it.  The smell of wine was really strong and I was a bit worried that it would taste too much like alcohol.

After about 30 mins, it boiled down a bit, so we added salt and pepper and chopped up some sausages and threw it in.  We decided it looked too watery so he squirted in some ketchup.

Honestly, we probably didn’t need all that ketchup.  It helped with the consistency, though.  But it tasted really good.  And it was fun cooking with the Boy.  I can’t wait until the next time we cook.

Stinkey just loves chilling with us.

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WIP Wednesday

Crocheting is still happening.


But I took a little break and sewed a simple tube skirt.  It’s still a WIP because I plan to embroider the edge, but it’s still wearable. 


Pardon the bad picture, one of my kids took it.  Haha.

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