From Instagram to WordPress

In an effort to blog more, I’ve connected my Instagram to my blog… should make it easier to blog. Yay

via Instagram

I’m also trying to finish this spinning project. A little bit everyday and it’ll get done, right?

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It’s been awhile. ..

It’s been a long time, blog.  And it coincides with my work getting hectic.  Even my crafting has suffered.  I knitted 600 yds in April, but only 200 in May, yikes!  Before that was in the 1000s!

Fear not, crafting still happened.  I did a second coop…


…organized my stash on Ravelry and in my room (plus gave most of them projects)…


… and signed up for another Will Work for Yarn project.  Fun fingerless gloves!


I think I’ve been keeping busy, don’t you?

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Comfy Heathers Coop

I completed my first coop this past week.  It was a lot of fun working on the yarn and seeing the different colors.  I think I just enjoy working with yarn even if I don’t keep the final product.


I started 2 weeks ago.  There were 16 colors and I had 3 10g skeins and 3 5g skeins.


Another person also wanted a single yard.  Here are all of them together.  It’s so wonderfully colorful, isn’t it?


These are the colors in alphabetical order. The 1 yard is so cute.  I love it so much.


Here is the 5g together.


These are the 10g, slightly bigger.  I loved making the skeins and the colors are just amazing.  I wish there was a proper yellow to go along with it, though.

I’m doing a second round with 2 15g and 2 10g.  Perhaps I’ll do a 3rd? Haha. Which size did you like best?

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Browsing Stitch Dictionaries

One of the most enjoyable aspects of knitting or crocheting, for me at least, planning what to do next.  Lots of people talk about how they love how meditative it is to knit or crochet.  Not me!  I actually find the process boring.


Yay, tabs!  Let me show you a few things I want to swatch.


Mm, cables.


And colorwork?!  I usually stay far away from colorwork because it slows me down, but I have some fun ideas.  I can’t wait to get started.

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Yarny Things

Busy, busy, busy. I’ve been running around work so much, I just haven’t had the energy to do anything for myself crafting-wise.  I’ve also been itching to start something new since I finished the baby book.


I’ve been working on the coop yarns.  I have 9/16 complete, so it’s coming along.


I think my next big project will have to do with this yarn.  First I have to swatch, but it’ll be a beautiful sweater…  I can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out.

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He thinks he owns me…


Stinkey, the Boy’s cat, decided to climb on me and sit there. Thankfully he moved when I did, but I had to finish my square in this position yesterday.

Today, I will have crocheted 300 squares!  I don’t know when I’ll sew them all, but they are made!  Woot!

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Latest Order: Coop yarn and books

I seem to love doing things for people, which is why my latest order is not just for me.  There is yarn:


I will keep the leftovers and I’m thinking coasters for gifts!  Or more owls.  We’ll see.



I’d been wanting to purchase the Barbara Walker treasuries for awhile, so with the Knitpicks book sale, I got these two.  I’ll add to the collection in the future.



Because, for the love of all that is good, size 0s always break on me.  I don’t even know how the last one happened!  I wasn’t even using it when it broke!  Ugh!

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