Pattern: Spiral Hackysack

I’m a bit overexcited by this pattern, so I’m actually releasing it today instead of tomorrow.  Heehee.

Usually I hate making the same thing more than once, but when it’s something as small and cute as this, I make a lot of them.  The idea for these hackysacks started with my friend’s Christmas present.  I decided to make him two, and started to get a bit addicted to the idea of perfecting it.

These hackysacks are quick to make, plus they only use up slightly less than 10 yards, so they are perfect for random little balls of yarn you have lying around. As of right now, I haven’t uploaded it to Ravelry, so please be patient and I’ll get it up and available! I have uploaded it! Spiral Hackysack

About 10 yards each of worsted weight MC and CC.
Size G Hook
Split ring marker or scrap yarn
Tapestry needle
Pony beads (or other stuffing)

I realized that the technique for making the spirals might be a bit confusing.  I suggest that you read the notes carefully.  I’ve also made a little tutorial to explain the first few rounds.


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I have to say it: I LOVE GOD. I also enjoy creating things, whether it's through yarn or other crafty materials.
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3 Responses to Pattern: Spiral Hackysack

  1. Wisia says:

    Oh! That look so cute and colorful. So, did you have fun playing the hackysack afterward?

  2. Snowcatcher says:

    I wanted to ask if you hackysack, too, but now I already have the answer. Guess you’ll have to get a picture of your friend using the gift you made!

    They are cute. The spirals are a very nice touch.

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