I woke up from my nap, freezing.  Officially, it’s still summer, but I get this feeling that it’s going to be a colder winter than most.  Thus, planning for a snuggly winter sweater = buying more snuggly yarn.  Yay!  Except, now I can’t decide what pattern I want.

Definitely leaning toward Holla.  It looks snuggly and warm.  Plus cables!  I love cables!

Love cables! And it has a hood!

The Leitmotif (Ravelry link) looks yummy warm… except for the fronts.  -Sigh-

If I made this, there would be a lot of mods.  I don’t really want a tunic length sweater.  But snuggly.


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I have to say it: I LOVE GOD. I also enjoy creating things, whether it's through yarn or other crafty materials.
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3 Responses to Cold.

  1. I love the looks of the 2nd one: Knitted DROPS Jumper with cables. I like the front criss-cross cables and the different type of cables that goes up the front on either side. Besides, the ribbing on the cuffs & bottom looks neater than the 1st one making it more wearable for work (if you work in an office, sales, etc)

    Guess what … I cast on the Budding Shawlette last weekend. Using Dream in Color Smooshy. Getting compliments already when I knit in public. It’s one of 4 shawls I’m working on right now.

    • yulianknits says:

      I’m still debating on what to knit. I do see your point though. Holla’s more of a sweatshirt sort of knit.

      And yay, you CO for Budding Shawlette! How many repeats are you planning on doing?

  2. Snowcatcher says:

    Oh, those are all so gorgeous. But I’ve got my heart set now on a sweater of stripes of leftover sock yarn… 🙂

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