Fibery Resolutions

I hope you’re celebrating the New Year happily and drama-free!  Me, I’m staying at home and finishing up a few WIPs before the New Year.  No pressure, just that I want to.  Good thing New Year’s Day is a Saturday!  (I usually sleep before 12 nowadays.  I need my 8 hours.)

The theme of the year is using what I’ve already got.  I have some yarn, enough to call it a stash, but definitely would not last me a lifetime.  I could probably knit from it for about half a year or more.  I want to use up most of it; be creative and find uses for the yarn.  Perhaps even use some of it on a project with kids.  (Bright orange and yellow, I’m thinking about you!  A lion project?!)  Then I can focus on buying yarn for designs and other projects.

Another thing I’m thinking about is phasing out my WWFY projects.  I do like the idea, but it’s a little stressful for me.  The whole sweater sort of turned me off on the idea, probably because it was larger and more time-consuming than I expected.  I may go back to it, but on smaller projects, like socks, gloves, or lace shawls.  Maybe.

And finally… YuLianKnits.  I started it this year, and I’m really amazed by how many people actually knitted those patterns.  I didn’t think anyone would care about them.  (Well, no one really knitted the hat or crocheted hackysacks besides test-knitters and myself, but those are a little bit more simple.  But they got favorited and queued a few times!)  This coming year, I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head, but they probably won’t be implemented until the latter half of the year, mainly because it will take time to work it out.

Anyway, enough of my rambling.  Here are my fibery resolutions:

-Knit up all the cotton in my stash

-Spin + knit one project

-Use up all acrylic (except the coned ones) in my stash

-Write up at least 6 patterns, one of them a sweater or vest (I would say design too, but I’ve already done most of that already)

-Revamp old patterns (ask a friend to help me photograph?)

-Keep track of every yarn purchase

-Spin more

-Blog more consistently, even if that means pre-writing a lot of posts.  (This.  I suck at this.)

-Document my stash with weights and everything (Already started)


About YuLianKnits

I have to say it: I LOVE GOD. I also enjoy creating things, whether it's through yarn or other crafty materials.
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4 Responses to Fibery Resolutions

  1. Snowcatcher says:

    Good resolutions! I personally would like to see more photos of projects in progress because you do such beautiful work! You inspire me! I ought to take some kind of stash pledge and quit buying… I’m so addicted!!!

    • yulianknits says:

      Awww, you’re so sweet to say that I do such nice work! Yes, I really should take more pictures, but I’m so lazy about taking pictures while they’re WIPs. Though I will try to take more pictures when I’m designing now.

      I need to stop buying yarn too… =[

  2. Rebecca says:

    ooooo can I photograph for you? 🙂 I went to your blog after I was surfing a bit on ravelry xD and after our long convo today on facebook lol. I think I might start blogging again, maybe right now haha.

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