Sweater Surgery

I had a name for this sweater and it’s getting a bit ironic because I’ve had to rip back multiple times because of various issues.  So ironic that I’m thinking about changing the name.

This time, I had to perform sweater surgery.

I forgot to take into account the row gauge after blocking.  As it is above, the armholes are pretty large, but I could have lived with it if it wasn’t for the gauge after blocking.  So I grafted together 12 rows, then snipped and unraveled.

Now the armholes are about 6 1/2 inches and I’m on my second try of the sleeve cap.  I’m not convinced that it’s okay (feels too big now and it’ll grow after blocking) so I think I’ll try working the other sleeve cap before making a final decision.

This sweater WILL be finished this month!!!


About YuLianKnits

I have to say it: I LOVE GOD. I also enjoy creating things, whether it's through yarn or other crafty materials.
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One Response to Sweater Surgery

  1. Snowcatcher says:

    I can’t wait to hear how the fit goes once you finish the surgery! And man, the end of the month is getting SO close! But I know you can do it…

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