Recent Aquisitions

The contest is still open and no takers yet!  At this rate, Snowcatcher’s going to win for being the only comment.  Haha. The contest is now over.

I got my yarn from a WWFY swap.  More sheepy wool.  Love the Ecological Wool for it’s smell and wooly-ness.  The blue yarn is handspun that will be used with the white fingering yarn.

Eco Wool skein is HUGE!  I started winding it and I couldn’t fit any more on the winder so I had to work from the other side to wind the rest up.  The result was two cakes that were connected.

Somehow, I don’t think submitting patterns to magazines is a good idea this year (or even next, unless I’m not working!) so there will be a lot of WIP pictures of the Wooly Winter Coat.  The pattern writing is coming along and makes me excited to write up some other patterns that need to be written up.  But the blue and white project is going to be a secret so I can try to submit it to Knitty.  I wonder if I have enough time to knit all the samples I need…?


About YuLianKnits

I have to say it: I LOVE GOD. I also enjoy creating things, whether it's through yarn or other crafty materials.
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One Response to Recent Aquisitions

  1. Snowcatcher says:

    Boy, have I ever got a publishing story for you one day!!!

    You’ve piqued my curiosity with the blue and white secret. But nothing wrong with WIPs, either. Especially yours. They’re always so beautiful!

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