Disappearing Act

Wow, I haven’t blogged almost all week!  I had wanted to do a WIP Wednesday but I wasn’t able to get to my computer long enough to blog.  But I did release a new pattern.  I’ll have a proper blog post about it soon.

CanarySantuary featured me on her blog.  She contacted me a few weeks ago to ask me if I would be willing to be written about, and I was so flattered that she liked my designs enough to do this.  She is an amazing designer in her own right, too.  Check out the blog post!

In other news, I bought some beads yesterday, for a shawl.  Despite my protests that I don’t wear shawls that have beads on them, I think it fits perfectly with the theme of the shawl I’m designing.By the way, the color (of the beads) is “Light Seafoam.”  Totally appropriate for the pattern!

Essentially, the idea is that the beads will be randomly placed throughout the shawl to simulate droplets flashing in the sun.  The beads are practically clear when I put them on, but I think it fits fine.   The only thing stopping me from casting on RIGHT NOW is the “random placement.”  I’m not sure I can stop my perfectionism from taking over.


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I have to say it: I LOVE GOD. I also enjoy creating things, whether it's through yarn or other crafty materials.
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One Response to Disappearing Act

  1. Diana Hirsch says:

    Hi, YuLian:

    To make it random,
    1. You could flip a coin to decide if you put a bead in when you get to where you think you may want one.
    2. Or get a single die, or many dice, and put a bead in when the throw shows an odd (or even, your choice) number of pips or spots.
    3. There are dice that have more than 6 sides (at a hobby shop), up to 32 I think. Get one close to whatever your stitch repeat is. Put in a bead, throw the unusual die, and wait that number of stitches/rows to put the next one in.
    4. Pick a number and run the random number generator to determine where the bead goes.

    Be stern with yourself so you don’t cheat. Or, cheat like crazy, at odd hours. Best of luck with your new design.


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