Giveaway: Wood Lily & Hanataba

This time, two winners will receive a copy of both Wood Lily and Hanataba.  I originally designed Hanataba first.  I had some leftovers so I decided to design a hat to match, resulting in Wood Lily.


To enter: Post a comment, preferably answering the question (see below).

The question: What makes you want to buy a pattern?  Or, if you’ve never bought a pattern in your life (it’s okay to admit it, I buy patterns very rarely), what would make you buy a pattern?  Especially if it’s a designer you don’t know and is very new to the scene?

Me, I don’t know if I’d buy a pattern from a new indie designer unless I reeeeeally wanted it.  Things that would likely attract my attention and make me want to buy it would include a new technique, an unusual way of constructing something, or anything along those lines.  If it wasn’t super unique, then I’d probably only buy it if it was really classy and I could see myself using it often.  I’m a practical kind of girl, and I don’t want to buy something I won’t use.  If I bought a pattern, I would be very very likely to make it.

I haven’t bought any individual patterns, but I have lots of magazines (and one e-zine).  I have a few books too, but they’re mostly gifts (that I lurrve.  My friends have good taste!)

The prizes: The two winners will each receive both Wood Lily and Hanataba patterns.  The random generator picks one, and I pick my favorite comment/story.

The giveaway will be open until Wednesday, June 29th 2011, 10PM PDT.  Any comments after that will not be counted.



About YuLianKnits

I have to say it: I LOVE GOD. I also enjoy creating things, whether it's through yarn or other crafty materials.
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15 Responses to Giveaway: Wood Lily & Hanataba

  1. Camilla Lawson says:

    I saw your shawl and I like very much. I have only bought one pattern and it was only $2.00.( I’m frugal) I decided to think on buying anything until I get to the point that I am crazy to get it. Thanks for the give away who ever wins will be very happy but I hope it is me.

  2. mandymomof2 says:

    What makes me buy a pattern? Well if it looks like something I can’t recreate on my own. Some things I can look at and come up with it but, sometimes the pattern looks way to intricate and I know I can’t do it on my own. I buy very few patterns because sometimes I think if I can’t recreate it on my own then the pattern might be to hard for me to make it

  3. Dartfrog911 says:

    I don’t have a PayPal account, yet, so I haven’t bought any patterns individually. I have several that I would like to buy (some of yours are on that list). I like things that are different or new. I would buy something that I might not be able to figure out on my own, something that looks intricate and hard to figure out. That being said, I would buy a shawl pattern over a sweater pattern because that is what I like to make.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Jenna says:

    I was a die-hard free pattern user until I decided to move into wearables. I wanted to make a sweater but I just couldn’t find a free pattern for the kind of thing I wanted. I did see a great pattern for a sweater for sale and actually paid $7 for it (after gulping several times at spending quite that much for a pattern–it was a big leap from free.) What made me cross the free to paid line was that the pattern was sized to fit me (I’m a plus size girl so that’s important), it was a bit complicated so it wasn’t something I thought I could figure out from pictures, and it was different than everything else I’d seen out there. There were a lot of views of the sweater (on people, laying flat, front, back, etc) that I could see before I bought it, which is also very important in making me part with my money. Since then, most of the patterns I’ve bought have been for unique things–something a bit different from the standard stuff and usually something I couldn’t figure out for myself. I love getting patterns for new techniques or complicated, intricate things like lacy shawls. If I find out that a complicated looking pattern has a chart then I am far more likely to buy it. In the end, though, the price is always the deciding factor. I have to feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. The $7 sweater had two styles, sizes from XS to 3X, and had both charts and written directions. I felt that I got my money’s worth. I have seen patterns for very simple items (no intricate stitch pattern, nothing unique or different from a bunch of free patterns) that I would never even consider buying. I’ve also seen inexpensive patterns for relatively simple things with a small twist (a new technique or simple but different stitch pattern) and have bought them.

    I have been lusting after Hanataba since I saw it announced in the Lace Crochet Ravelry group. It is amazingly beautiful. Well done! Please keep designing!

  5. Jade108 says:

    I try not to buy too many patterns, as there are a lot of free ones out there. However, if I do, I only like to buy patterns that I just love, either because I can see myself wearing it or they are really cute (I like making toys/amigurumi). Or because the design appears to be really unique, and I have the perfect yarn to go with it. Also, I might be more likely to buy a crochet pattern than a knitted one, as I find it harder to find crochet patterns that I really like.

  6. Sandy says:

    I purchase patterns for 2 reasons. The main, and obvious one, is loving the pattern. The second is to support designers, especially ones that arent well known or are just starting out or designing for the sheer pleasure of it. I have little to no talent for designing, and, as a result, I believe I appreciate the efforts of others who do just a bit more because of this. 🙂

    Thank you for your work and for sharing it with others.

  7. mng says:


    I have bought 2 crochet patterns in this decade (and 1 crochet pattern in the 1970’s). I have several other patterns in my Ravelry cart, just waiting for the right time. They had multiple beautiful photos of finished objects – often made up in different yarns by different people. As others have said – I buy shawl patterns, with lace or shaping more intricate or different than free patterns or that I could make on my own.

    The Ravelry designer way is so welcoming and wonderful too – when the designer favs my FO or PMs me for buying or completing the pattern. This motivates me to look for other patterns by the same designer.

    Also – charts, clear concise directions, helpful info like stitch counts and modifications for different versions or different amounts of yarn.

    Your Hanataba shawl is very beautiful, and caught the eye of many. Good luck.

  8. Jen says:

    I’ve purchased a few patterns. Some have been because the project is AMAZING. Some have been to help use up those unallocated skeins. 🙂 I have not regretted a single pattern purchase, even if I haven’t made anything from them yet!

  9. Eve Jensch says:

    I tend to buy patterns if I have seen something elsewhere and decided I can’t live without something similar. Your hat would actually fall into that category! I love slouchy hats and I’m still looking for one that I love! I’m not really looking at the designer but because I’m relatively new to crochet I look at the project pages of those who have already crocheted that pattern and read the comments to see whether they had difficulties reading the pattern…

  10. gossycrafts says:

    Hmm, what makes me buy a pattern? I’ve never actually bought one, although I have many bookmarked that I’d like to buy someday. Those patterns are generally pretty intricate or well fitted, not the kind of simple or boxy patterns that are usually available for free all over the web. Your Wood Lily hat is just the kind that would end up in my “buy someday” list. I love hats and flower motifs! 🙂

    I did once buy a crochet book (on sale) just for a filet leaf pattern. I think I was craving spring then!

  11. I don’t buy many patterns except in maybe pattern books (on sale). I think in order for me to buy a pattern it would have to be something for me to aspire to. Something I don’t have the skill for or something that I would want to make out of expensive yarn, luxurious even. I don’t think I would buy a pattern for shorts, skirts and t-shirts because my body and style are always changing but beautiful things like sweaters and shawls are always useful. New Designers are scarry to buy from mostly because they may not be explained well enough or have more errors than a company with lots of good reviews. You need good reviews to make people more comfortable with your product.

  12. Jennifer Brinn says:

    Hmm…what makes me buy a pattern? Well, I’m pretty big on patterns. I like them. They do the work for me. Hehe.

    Anyways, what the real thing for me is if the pattern does one of the following:
    1. It is not something I’d come up with on my own (stitch pattern, shape, etc.)
    2. It is for something like a garment that is fitted, where the math has been done for me. (I am bad at the maths. Very, very bad.)
    3. It’s something that would be fun or cool to make, just because of the design.
    4. It’s for a yarn I like but want ideas for the use of.
    5. Um….it’s shiny? I have poor impulse control with cool patterns.
    6. It’s a new technique I’ve never done and want to learn.
    7. Probably should put shiny on here twice.
    8. Or three times.

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  14. Rachel says:

    I know I won the last contest, but I couldn’t resist trying again! 😉

    Okay, I buy a pattern for one of several reasons:
    1. It’s pretty!
    2. It’s something I really really really want to make and I can’t figure it out myself or don’t want the hassle of designing it.
    3. The designer is having a sale.
    4. The designer is donating the proceeds to something I believe in.
    5. It’s pretty!


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