Should it be Charting Monday?

It seems like I post up sneak peeks of my charts on Mondays, so maybe my Mondays should be “Charting Monday.”


Here is a sneak peek of yet another side-to-side crochet shawl.  I finished the shawl awhile ago, but I have not gotten very far on the charts.  (I’m further than I would lead you to believe in this picture; check out the layers on the right.  I’m up to row 11.)  I’m working on the body of the shawl first, and I will add the edging afterwards, though the charting of that makes me want to cry a little inside.  Suffice it to say it’s a wee bit complicated…  Even more so than Geoui.

I almost always chart patterns on paper first, before working them out in  It’s a lot harder to work on the computer without a plan, and it wastes more time, since computer programs are less flexible than just drawing.  I should do a comparison.

The way my charts are turning out now makes me want to redo the charts in Geoui and Kali’s Cowl.  They’re still good, but I didn’t use a grid for them, so they are a bit wonkier in some places.  Perhaps when I re-photograph and re-vamp some of my older patterns…


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I have to say it: I LOVE GOD. I also enjoy creating things, whether it's through yarn or other crafty materials.
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4 Responses to Should it be Charting Monday?

  1. Dartfrog911 says:

    I’m jealous! I still can’t draw a chart in Paint. (even with the graph in the background) My hand drawn ones are still clearer. You could probably have a separate business doing charts for others!

  2. mng says:

    I like charts. Never used one til a couple months ago, now I crave them!!! One chart is worth a thousand words.

  3. Snowcatcher says:

    One day I’m going to make time to chart… You’re giving me plenty of motivation and inspiration.

    The method you are using may be difficult, but it sure is beautiful and easy to follow.

  4. Rebecca L. says:

    It looks so awesome 😀 so many layers lol but that’s how you can control the colors more efficiently when needed huh. cools 8D

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