FO: Inkberry

This epic tale begins about a month ago, when I was knitting on my friend’s scarf and she mentioned she would love to have a shawl/shrug for a wedding she was going to.  At the time, I didn’t ask her whether she really really wanted it or she was just saying it in passing, so when I did actually ask her whether she wanted it, she said yes.

Then began our search for the perfect pattern.  We considered Watershed (Rav link), but when I showed her some Twist Collective patterns, she decided she loved Inkberry (Rav link) more.  Then we chose the yarn to match the purple hues in her dress as much as possible and I commenced knitting it as soon as I got the yarn.

Two weeks later, I had a finished shawl.  I wasn’t without complaining in the last 30 or so rows, because the rows are really, REALLY long, but it was totally worth it.  My friend will be wonderfully warm when she goes to the wedding.




Thoughts: I love the cable pattern down the back; it definitely helped alleviate the boredom of back and forth knitting till I got to the end.  It’s a worthwhile pattern to try out, but be warned, you probably won’t finish it quickly and you’ll probably get bored at one point or another.  I finished it quickly because it was on a deadline (which I totally beat!) and I chose to ONLY work on it during the time I was working on it.  I didn’t even touch my other projects for those two weeks!

My friend didn’t want beads, which was fine by me.  The drape is nice because I used a cotton/acrylic blend (Comfy Fingering in Lilac).  All in all, I love the end result, though I doubt I’ll ever knit it again.  Maybe something similar, and less repetitive.

I’ll post pictures of her in the dress and shawl after the wedding!


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I have to say it: I LOVE GOD. I also enjoy creating things, whether it's through yarn or other crafty materials.
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2 Responses to FO: Inkberry

  1. Amy says:

    It looks great, beautiful work as always! Congratulations on beating the deadline.

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