One of the saddest things a knitter will ever hear is the sound of a snapping needle.

I was diligently working on my left sock on Friday when it suddenly snapped on me.  Luckily, I had finished that round, so no stitches were lost in the breaking of the wood, but it was still very sad because I wasn’t home and had nothing else to work on.  The picture above was taken on Saturday morning.

Knitpicks will be replacing the needle for me (YAY!) but I really wanted to finish the sock, so I’m continuing on some metal dpns.  I prefer magic loop, though.  I’m not really surprised the needle snapped, it’s only 2.0 mm (size 0).

Oh, you want a progress shot?

My work by Sunday afternoon.  I think I may have been bitten by the sock bug…


About YuLianKnits

I have to say it: I LOVE GOD. I also enjoy creating things, whether it's through yarn or other crafty materials.
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2 Responses to …SNAP!

  1. Snowcatcher says:

    I’m impressed you were able to move from magic loop to dpns without dropping stitches and then keep going to make such wonderful progress!

    Very cool to hear Knitpicks is replacing the snapper, too!

  2. Jen says:


    Okay, now that that drama is out of the way …

    A) That sock is awesome.
    B) Go Knitpicks!

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