WIP Wednesday

Happy leap day!

For this WIP Wednesday, I’d like to check on my progress for my New Year’s Resolutions.

-knit at least 6 sweaters (1/6)
-design at least one sweater, sizing and all (nope)
-release at least 6 patterns (0/6)
-buy less yarn, knit more from stash (Uhhh, I’ve had 2 orders since New Year’s…)
-knit at least 2 pairs of socks for myself (1/2)
-stick to my WIP Wednesday (9/52)

All in all, doing pretty good!  I need to work more on the sweaters and patterns, but I can catch up.

(So no pictures means I finished some Sunshine and I’ll be posting about them on Friday!  Hurray!)


About YuLianKnits

I have to say it: I LOVE GOD. I also enjoy creating things, whether it's through yarn or other crafty materials.
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One Response to WIP Wednesday

  1. Snowcatcher says:

    Good to check on goals every once in a while, but also good to give yourself room to have a life, too. Glad you’re doing exactly that!!! (Love your sock goal!)

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