FO: Striped Drawstring Bag

IMG_0867It really is a pretty bag.  I sewed this for Rebecca in the last post.  I think it would make an awesome project bag (which is what she’s planning to do with it), or a great gift bag.  If you’re feeling lazy, you can skip the stripes and just use a single piece of fabric for that part.

IMG_0874My ironing is not that awesome.  Haha.  I used up a lot of scraps, which was really nice.  I hate wasting stuff, plus having it coordinate with the other part of the present was good too.

IMG_0869As you can see, my sewing did not line up.  Booo…  But oh well.  At least it’s on the bottom.  There was another big problem that I managed to fix with the invisible stitch, but I don’t want to dwell on THAT.  Haha.

All in all, I will totally make this again.  I would love to be able to try the diagonal stripes one.  And I’ve learned that I need to buy more dark-colored fabrics…  I have way too many pastels and they don’t coordinate too nicely together for an interesting bag.

Pattern: Striped Drawstring Bag



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