30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 24 – Animal

The Challenge

I’ll be honest and say I’m both glad and sad that this project is almost over.  I would love to revisit the idea again, but sometimes, I just cannot put in the effort to take a good picture.  Or even one at all.  Today, I’m pulling from my archives.


I love taking pictures of animals.  This little kitty was out on the street and was totally rubbing up against me and playing with me.  I couldn’t get a clear shot (though I tried) because he moved so much, but he was awesome.


I actually managed to get a shot of a skunk once on a walk around the neighborhood.  I think it’s cute!  Too bad it was so far away that I couldn’t get a better picture.


IMG_0012And sometimes when I’m bored at Wayne’s house, I take pictures of his cat, Stinkey.  And with his cat.

IMG_0043This is Mao Mao.  He didn’t like being touched very much and he would scratch you if he was petted too much.  But I was patient with him and eventually he became more comfortable around me and would show up in Wayne’s room when I was over.  He’d even start purring when I petted and scratched him and I knew exactly where he liked being scratched.  Unfortunately, he passed away almost a year ago.  I really miss him even though he wasn’t my cat.

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2 Responses to 30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 24 – Animal

  1. Snowcatcher says:

    Great animal shots! I was thinking the skunk might be better far away… you know… The kitties are precious!

  2. Mrtsax says:

    Hence the “challenge”, doesn’t come easy nonetheless nice photos

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