Pattern: Lóngyǎn

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted about a pattern here.  So…  here goes!

I think Lóngyǎn is one of my favorite patterns so far.  It’s everything I wanted it to be in a lace shawl…  Textured, complex…  It’s my first bottom-up, long cast-on shawl as well.  I know that what I want to knit and what people who buy patterns want to knit are usually different, but that’s okay!  I design for myself.

I love the top and the bottom.  The lace panel just flows…

And the edge has scallops, which I just love.  I think that’s just a design feature that I need.  Scallops everywhere!

I tried a bunch of new things with this pattern.  As I said earlier, it was my first bottom-up, long cast-on shawl.  I also wanted to try the lace on the edge, stockinette body as well, and it came out quite nice!  The center lace panel was also new for me.

Writing the pattern was not easy, since I had the full lace version, the stockinette version, as well as instructions on customizing the pattern to any size to put in.  But it’s worth its money! 

Hm, writing this post makes me excited to work on my new pattern.  I guess that’s a good thing!


About YuLianKnits

I have to say it: I LOVE GOD. I also enjoy creating things, whether it's through yarn or other crafty materials.
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One Response to Pattern: Lóngyǎn

  1. The detail work on this is out of this world, I love it – though I doubt if I could make it! 🙂

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