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From Instagram to WordPress

In an effort to blog more, I’ve connected my Instagram to my blog… should make it easier to blog. Yay via Instagram I’m also trying to finish this spinning project. A little bit everyday and it’ll get done, right? … Continue reading

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It’s been awhile. ..

It’s been a long time, blog.  And it coincides with my work getting hectic.  Even my crafting has suffered.  I knitted 600 yds in April, but only 200 in May, yikes!  Before that was in the 1000s! Fear not, crafting … Continue reading

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Comfy Heathers Coop

I completed my first coop this past week.  It was a lot of fun working on the yarn and seeing the different colors.  I think I just enjoy working with yarn even if I don’t keep the final product. I … Continue reading

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Yarny Things

Busy, busy, busy. I’ve been running around work so much, I just haven’t had the energy to do anything for myself crafting-wise.  I’ve also been itching to start something new since I finished the baby book. I’ve been working on … Continue reading

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Latest Order: Coop yarn and books

I seem to love doing things for people, which is why my latest order is not just for me.  There is yarn: I will keep the leftovers and I’m thinking coasters for gifts!  Or more owls.  We’ll see. Books: I’d … Continue reading

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Black Friday Stash Enhancement

Hawthorne Alameda and St Johns is on the left.  Those will be used for socks.  The light gray on the bottom is Capretta Platinum, for 2 different cowl patterns.  The blue and gray on the right are Palette Marine Heather … Continue reading

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Yarn Bombing at Kensington-Normal Heights Library

Yesterday, the Boy and I were in San Diego.  His jobs tend to include a lot of traveling, and I usually go if I’m not busy/he asks me to go.  Just because it’s fun and different from spending time at … Continue reading

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