Honeycomb Twist Mitts

Hellooo, new pattern. There are a ton of photos because I like how a LOT of them came out. Sorry if the page loads slowly because of the awesome photos Rebecca took!

I did a little editing to make this one the way Rebecca wanted, my face unfocused, but my hands are perfectly clear. We don’t own DSLRs, so we have to make the magic happen on the computer. But I love how it came out!

These gloves are awesome. They are snug and warm. They’re a pretty quick knit once you get the hang of the pattern, so you can make a pair for yourself and for a loved one.

Plus they look very very pretty… (That’s a bear umbrella, yes.)

…even if you happen to have your hands up against the wall. Because, I don’t know, you did something bad?

The mitts are mirrored, and the the gussets are patterned too. I admit, that makes them a little more complicated than the average knit, but I think you’ll find the complication perfectly worth it. I’ve also wrote detailed instructions on how to create the specific increases in the pattern. And, as always, written directions accompany the charts because I love putting both charts and written directions.

Click here to purchase the pattern:

Additional Information:
Finished Size: 5″ (12.7cm) circumference, 8″ (20.3cm) from cuff to cuff. (The mitts are very stretchy and can accommodate up to a 8 1/2″ circumference.)

-Knit Picks Palette (231yd [211m]/50g) – 1 skein
-Size 2 (2.75 mm) circular needles 30” or longer OR double pointed needles
-Tapestry needle
-Cable needle
-Waste yarn
-Stitch markers

CO – cast on
BO – bind off
rnd (s) – round(s)
st(s) – stitch(es)
patt – pattern
m – marker
pm – place marker
sm – slip marker
k – knit
p – purl
ssk – slip slip knit
sl – slip
k2tog – knit 2 together
m1L – make 1 left
m1R – make 1 right
m1Lp – make 1 left purlwise
m1Rp – make 1 right purlwise
yo – yarn over
double pointed needles – dpns

Some more artsy fartsy photos for your perusal…


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