Budding Shawlette

When I first saw this motif, it reminded me of a little bud, just making its way out of the leaves, almost like how I was poking my head out into my own designs.  Thus, I named the pattern “Budding Shawlette.”  The pattern has a little of everything, making it just right for trying out new techniques, from learning how to make a top down shawl, to adding beads to a shawl.

*Pattern Updated: September 3, 2011
Pattern Updated: December 31, 2010*

**This pattern is fully charted and written out.**

Download it here.

**Additional Information**
-Knit Picks Palette (231yd [211m]/50g) –     2 skeins
-Size 7 (4.5 mm) circular needle 16″ or longer
-Tapestry needle
-Waste yarn
-Blocking pins
-Blocking wires
-Approx 410/1100 beads for the simple/complex beaded versions, respectively
-Size 12 steel crochet hook/wire to place beads

RS – right side
WS – wrong side
CO – cast on
BO – bind off
rep – repeat
st(s) – stitch(es)
k – knit
p – purl
yo – yarn over
sl – slip
ssk – sl sl knit
k2tog – knit 2 together
psso – pass sl st over
tbl – through the back loop

Click here to download the version of your choice.  (If you choose to knit the beaded versions, please consult the original version for notes.)


3 Responses to Budding Shawlette

  1. Evie says:

    I am knitting another one. I loved the meduim bead one so much. I am using the chart for the complex beading and I wanted to mention an error. Your charts are so awesome and spot on, I thought you’d want to know. On Chart 2 the complex version, row #4 looks like a box was highlighted yellow to add a bead on the WS row. It’s not a huge issue since your written instructions say to K2 purl across and K2 for WS so I knew it was just an oopsie. I love your work. Thank you again for sharing it. The person I gave my last one too what beyond thrilled.

  2. Hi YuLian!

    I saw this tutorial on your site and think the Budding Shawlette is so pretty! I am one of the editors of AllFreeKnitting and would love to feature your pattern on our site with full credit to you. Please contact me for further information.

    Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you!


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