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End of the Year Clean-up

It’s still November, but I’m already thinking about next year!  It’s a good time to plan what goals and habits I would like to start for next year. For me, that means cleaning up my yarn shelf and taking stock … Continue reading

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Yarn. Yarn. Lovely yarn.

The title is a joke from Acts of Worship.  We’re performing a play called The Pilgrim’s Progress and the line reads, “Life.  Life.  Eternal Life.”  We say it 3 times, so we’ve been making fun of it…  it’s a lot … Continue reading

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Yarny Goals: Revisited

I have been a very bad blogger. But that will change, I hope. I set some lofty crafting goals for the next four months, and part of that includes blogging. For Lent, I’ve decided to give up buying any yarn-related … Continue reading

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A (Yarny) Goal

I have a lot of yarn. Well, no, actually, I don’t. At least, not yarn that I want to knit or crochet with. But I hate wasting things, so I’ve come up with a goal (and a reward, of course!) … Continue reading

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