Crochet CO Tutorial

Here’s my favorite cast-on. Why is it my favorite? Because it matches the normal bind-off, and it’s quite stretchy. Also, you can adapt it to make a provisional cast-on.

First, you start with a slip knot and place it on the crochet hook. Hold the working yarn behind the needle. (Of course, normally you would hold the needle in the left hand and the crochet hook in the right hand, but I had to take pictures with my right hand.)

*Twist the hook so the yarn is over the hook from back to front.

As you can see, the yarn is wrapped around the needle.

Pull the yarn through the slip knot. One stitch is on the needle. The working yarn should be in front of the needle.

Slip the working yarn behind the needle. Repeat from * until you have cast on one less than your desired number.

Here I have 5 stitches cast-on and I want six.

Slip the stitch from the hook to the needle, then remove the hook.

Ta-da! I’m ready to start knitting!

And here is how the bottom should look like.

If you want to use this as a provisional cast-on, use waste yarn to cast-on and cast-on the desired number of stitches. Then cut yarn and pull the end through the loop on the hook. When you’re ready to work the other way, unwork the end and pull. The chain will unzip itself like magic! Just take care on the last stitch because the waste yarn will be through the last stitch and you’ll have to pull it through the other way.


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