Spiral Hackysack Tutorial

I decided that I needed to make a tutorial for this pattern because the instructions may be a bit confusing, and pictures always make things better, right? I’ve only covered the first two rounds to explain the set up. Once you understand the first two rounds, everything else follows in a logical manner. But if you still have questions, feel free to ask me and I’ll be happy to answer them!

I’m using yellow for the MC and white for the CC.

Rnd 1: So first, we start with a magic loop. If you can’t tell, the tail is under the working yarn:

Pull up a loop. It’s hard to tell in this picture, but the tail is on the right side and the working yarn is on the left.

Chain 1 and sc 3 times, crocheting right over the tail:

Pull up a long loop:

Pull up a loop with your CC:

Chain 1 and sc 3 times:

Pull on the MC tail to close the loop. Round one has been completed.

Rnd 2: Sc twice in the next 3 sc. The scs may look a bit messy, but it’ll all work out:

Pull up a long loop in CC, drop the CC, insert hook in the MC’s long loop, and pull on the working yarn to tighten the loop:

Sc twice in the next 3 sc. Round 2 has been completed.

Place marker and continue with round 3.


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